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Weather in Paradise is much like that of Prescott, Arizona.  Perhaps a tad warmer.  It snowed on 21 January 2007,   1 January and 28 February, 2004.  For 2005 snow pics, checkout  "Snert" at our  Snow!!! page.   
The following chart shows precipitation for 2006 - we missed January, but at 19.74 inches for the year, we are close to "normal" precipitation of 20 Inches.  The wettest monsoon since 1955 occured during July, August, and September this year.  As you can see, the total rainfall for those three months was 16.05 inches.  That is a lot of rain!  Arizona has had its share of extreme weather.  Winston can tell you about living in  Prescott during the winter of 1967-68.  Locals in Paradise tell stories of finding deer skeletons under juniper trees where they had died under the snow.  Click here for a summary.

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The following bar charts were generated from data collected by Richard G.  Zweifel, Ph.D..  The charts are a combination of data from the  Paradise Historical Weather Site  and Dr. Zweifel's personal weather records from the past 15 years.