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Bears & Other "Need to Knows"
Cell Phones
There is NO cell phone reception in Paradise. We are in a canyon that prevents cell and radio signals from reaching the Walker House. If there is ever a need for emergency services, we have to use the telephone to call dispatch for the responding personnel. We are curious if an Iridium satellite phone would work from here. Please feel free to bring one out and give it a test try!

What to wear
We are mid-elevation area, and the weather is quite temperate. However, unlike Phoenix and Tucson, we do experience significant temperature extremes and weather can change by the minute. We recommend that you bring appropriate clothing to layer throughout the day. If you travel in shorts, t-shirts and sandals, please bring long pants and sweater or sweatshirts for the cool mornings and evenings on the porch. Even in the summer time nights are often below 70 degrees.  We also recommend hiking boots or at least tennis shoes for walking and hiking. Rocks are sharp, cacti presents its own hazards and we do have rattlesnakes at all elevations. A little planning will make your stay much more pleasant. September and October temps range between 84F for the high to 41F for the low. We will get our first hard freeze late October and the temps will then range between the teens and the high 50's F. We can also get rain and/or snow any day from September through May - bring your bumbershoot!

Paradise is located in the heart of some of the finest black bear country in Arizona.  Fall 2000  we had three bears repeatedly visit the Walker House and nearby homes.  We have  had unruly bears in Paradise.

ALL rules of living in bear country apply here.
Do not feed the bears.
If you encounter a bear, leave it alone. Bears usually amble away from people to safer ground.
Do not leave foodstuffs in your automobile.  Bears will break into your car for a slice of bread.
Trash - we keep trash in a steel shed for disposal.

Mountain Lions
Quiet, not often seen.  However they have been seen in the creek by the "Hers and Ours" house and behind the A-frame on Market street.  If you have small dogs, please keep them on a leash at all times.
Small dogs = Mountain Lion and Coyote snacks.  The yard is fenced - but the "hog wire" will not keep in Jack Russell or smaller dogs.  A determined beagle could make its way through,  under, or over the fence.  

The elevation at the Walker House is 5460 feet.  For most visitors the altitude is not a problem, but if you are not accustomed to higher altitudes, plan to spend time acclimating.  This and higher altitudes in the Chiricahuas can aggravate some heart conditions.
High desert and higher altitudes combined can result in a quick and severe sunburn.  We recommend the use of hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses.  Many visitors wear long sleeves even in the summer for sun protection.

Water at the George Walker House is provided by a local well.  The water has a high mineral content, but makes excellent tea and coffee.  When hiking the area, it is recommended that you carry enough water for your hike.  Water intake varies by individual, so plan according to your needs.